Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting back on track

I'm feeling way less stressed today, and only about $200 poorer. Not too bad for taking my son in to get three teeth pulled out! They pulled out the one tooth that was bothering him and two other baby teeth in the front that had the adult teeth up back behind. Those teeth still had the full roots on them. No wonder the kid wouldn't pull them out, even though I was offering him $20 a piece for them!

The new dentist office was MUCH better than the other one we went to. Except for the slightly hyper hygienist. I was almost ready to drop kick her by the time we got out of there. I'm sorry lady but I don't need to hear all about how YOUR kid had perfect teeth because you took such good care of them. ::EYEROLL:: I know I'm a horrible mother because my son's teeth are all fucked up. Really. I know. You don't have to make me feel any worse.

Trevor did great while they worked on him. He got x-rays, a cleaning, some nitrous, 3 teeth pulled out and a flouride treatment. He whined for about two hours afterwards because his lip was numb but then he was fine and even ate dinner. It's amazing how fast little kids bounce back.

They worked up a plan for getting the rest of his teeth fixed up and it will be about $800 and 3 more visits, which is way more do-able than trying to fork out 3K like the last place we went to.

I think I'm going to start carrying around a toothbrush and floss for everyone in my purse...Pin It

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Chris H said...

Lots of my kids have had baby teeth pulled due to adult teeth coming in behind them... Griffin just had one pulled... it cost NOTHING here! Kids get their teeth looked after for free here until they leave school!
That is awesome I must say.
OH hold on... Brylee's teeth are costing us THOUSANDS cos she needs orthodontic work.... that ain't free sadly.

I hope Trevor does not need orthodontic work! And I am glad he didn't damage his lip while it was numb like Griffin did! Did you see his lip after he chewed it something rotten???
Gross it was.

Right .... rambled on quite enough for now!
Have a great weekend.

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