Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life's like a roller coaster. Can I get off now?

Today is dark and gloomy. Raining and very windy. It's a perfect stay at home and lay in bed and read day. BUT, I'm at work. I don't really feel that well either (went to bed at 7 last night with a headache and stomach ache). Jessica must feel the same way because she sent me a text saying she wanted to go home from school (which hasn't even started yet). I told her to just go to class and maybe she'll feel better. I can tell the poor kid is totally feeling depressed. Between the phone call the other day and then yesterday they had their first softball game and she didn't get to play at all. Which I'm sure is because she missed practice the day before because she had to go get her physical. Life sucks sometimes.

I'm sure my husband hates me too since last night I totally yelled at him. He has to talk to the people at the fraud department at the bank AGAIN because the guy I talked to on the phone Saturday lied to us about adding the second charge to the first one. Which I figured out when we got a credit for the first charge and not the second. I called and of course they have to talk to HIM because it's on his card. Even though we've already talked to them ten times and told them what happened. So when he got home I told him he had to call and he goes into his mini hysterics. I told him, everything you need is in the envelope. Call this number, this is the charge here's all the stuff. So he starts to call and dials a bit and then hangs up and starts freaking out. Apparently he had to put in the debit card number and he wasn't ready with that yet. :Sigh: So I took over the phone and yelled at him and told him he's a freaking genius but he can't do these simple things and OMG will you please stop over complicating everything!!! Yeah not one of my finer moments but seriously. It's not that fucking hard. I've called the place so many times I almost have it memorized. So I call and finally get to the actual person and their fucking system is down. Seriously?  I'm sure I probably have a flag on our account for all the nice and lovely things I've told them. They are supposed to call HIM back in the next 24 hours. I told them they better have all the info and make it easy on him because he can't handle it. :sigh: I would just go change banks but I JUST got our new debit cards and checks yesterday and it's a fucking pain in the neck. AND I'd have to still get the charge reversed anyways. I'm about ready to go stand outside the bank with a picket sign that says "this bank lets people steal your money and you have to work to get it back yourself".

On a postive note, Melissa's going ice skating today for Honor's Society. I told her please don't fall down and break anything. That's all we need.

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Jennifer Owens said...

I always think the dark, gloomy and rainy days are wasted on work days. I NEVER want to work on those days and just want to stay home in my pajamas and watch girly movies that make me cry.

Sorry about all the drama with the fradulent charges. Sounds like it all SUCKS! )o: Hope it's all cleared up for you soon. Those things are such a drag to have to deal with.

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