Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's For Dinner?

Well it's been an exciting week.


Did I mention that it's been raining? I'm about sick of the rain. The forecast is finally showing sun on SUNday. Imagine that! Hopefully we'll be done with the rain for awhile then.

Tonight I made Baked Spaghetti for dinner. When I was making my menu for the week I went through some old cooking magazines I had up in the cupboard. I've never had baked spaghetti before.

Here's the responses

Jess: I like regular spaghetti better
Liss: It was ok
Trev: (he put his between 2 pieces of bread?) seemed to like it
Scott: what was that? It was like a cross between lasagna and spaghetti.
Me: This is pretty good! (I'm not a huge spaghetti fan)

So I think it might be a keeper! It cost about $10 to buy all the ingredients and we have quite a bit left over for lunches.

Here's the recipe for you! The only thing I did different was use whole grain spaghetti noodles and I added olives to the top.

Do you have a favorite inexpensive but healthy recipe?

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Anonymous said...

Yum.. I love the Taste of Home version of baked spaghetti.. it pretty much makes me drool with happyiness!

Jennifer Owens said...

I'm jealous of your rain...

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