Wednesday, March 16, 2011

They need a woman in charge!

This was the sky Monday afternoon right before Trevor's game

I couldn't believe they weren't calling the game. They had to be there at 4:30, with the game starting at 5:00. When we left our house it was rather warm and I didn't make Trevor take a jacket. I just had a regular sweatshirt on. Not too long after we got there it started sprinkling. Then raining. Then raining REALLY HARD. They called the kids to come sit in the dug out under that shade cloth thing there on the bottom right of the picture. I ran to my car because I was getting soaked!! I sat there for a few minutes. Then I went out and asked the couch if they were going to call the game. He said they were waiting for it to be actual game time. We had about 5 minutes, it was still raining and everyone was soaked. The field was a muddy mess. I looked at him and said "seriously"?  He said he was so I told Trevor to grab his stuff and left.  Scott drove by a little bit later on the way home and he said the place was a ghost town.

I've decided that men should not be in charge of such matters. They seem to be lacking some common sense!Pin It

1 comment:

Annsterw said...

That is why we were created - to spew the common sense...don't get me started on men and brain non-usage...LOL! Definitely a dark and gloomy sky in that pic!

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