Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coaches Suck

I'm so annoyed right now. Today was the second game for softball and Jessica sent me a message telling me to "don't bother coming". Because for the second time she's going to be warming the bench. I just don't understand how you can go to practice EVER DAY for SEVERAL HOURS and not get to play AT ALL. WTF? I know they "want to win" and what not, but whatever happened to giving every one a chance to play? If you aren't going to play the kid, cut them from the team.  What's the point of keeping them on the team if they aren't going to play? Nothing like making a kid feel like shit.Pin It


Sara Strand said...

I'd say something. That's pretty effing ridiculous.

Chris H said...

If Jessica is not having fun, isn't allowed to play ... why doesn't she just say "Bye bye" and do something else that is more fun ?
And perhaps you can say something to the coach? What he/she is doing is not FAIR. Pffffft.

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