Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Happy weekend my friends!!

When I last left you I was having a small nervous breakdown. I'm doing much better now. I think it helped a bit to get all that stress out of my system.

For the Fourth Of July we went over to my brother Louie's house for some swimming and bbq'ing. I wore my strapless bathing suit finally and felt totally confident in it. It's amazing what losing forty pounds does for your self esteem. I did learn one small thing though, don't attempt to race your daughter across the pool because as soon as you push off your top, even though it's nice and tight, will whooosshhh fold over and you might just drown from laughing your ass off when you can't touch the bottom of the pool.

Someone brought these to the bbq. I was like you got those off Pinterest didn't you?? She said yes and we laughed. Then I ate a bunch. They were delicious!

I took this salad to share

Everyone liked it and it's pretty low calorie. I like to eat mine with tortilla chips. I'm a bit of a chip addict though. 

I don't have ANY pictures from the Fourth of July. My purse sat in the house the whole time and I never even got my camera out. My Mom and Dad took some pictures though so at least I can snag some of those for my kids scrapbooks.

Yesterday Jessica and Scott got her car back together. Amazingly for under $200. I thought for sure the frame was going to be bent or something but it was fine. They now have some frequent buyer card things for Pick N Pull. Ahhh the father-daughter bonding.

After work yesterday I went over to my neighbor's and finally got to hang out on her island (in my cute bathing suit). I drank my bottle of pomegranate wine while we sat and visited in the big floaty.  Jess drove me home and then she suggested Mexican food so we went to our favorite little hole in the wall place right before they closed. A taco never tasted so good!

Amazingly I'm back down to my lowest weight so far (well still up .2 but that's not much) this morning. Tonight I might go dancing with some work friends. Sounds pretty fun to me! I also might go hang out on the island again today. I should really clean my house but somehow lounging on the island sounds way more fun.

Now to finish my coffee and eat some breakfast so I can go ride my bike before it gets too hot. We are finally going to to the 100's again. As much as I used to bitch about it being too hot all the time I've really been missing our real summer weather.
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Sarah said...

Your weight loss is so awesome. Keep up the great work!! It is such a great feeling to be skinny. I can't wait to see you on one of my trips to ca!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Okay you can't make a corn salad like that and not share the recipe. Where the strawberries in white chocolate and then blue sugar? Yummo

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