Friday, July 13, 2012

Work work work

Well it's that time again. Getting ready for camping. Sent the man off for some fresh fruit to take and quarters for the showers. My agenda?


Make potato salad

Clean the house so we don't get invaded by ants while we are gone

Finish washing clothes so I can pack one of my 3 pairs of shorts that actually fit

Really need to mow the back yard before we lose a child back there but that might not happen. Go figure.

You know, just a few things.

I was kind of hoping that when I got home from work everything would be done already. But you know, instead I came home to my man sleeping and the kids waiting for me to tell them what I needed done so they could wander off.


We are going with some friends. Some friends that aren't dieting. Thus, sending the man for fruit. So when they break out the cookies I can eat some grapes.



and not gain back the 3 pounds I just re-lost from last weekend's fun.

Go me!

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Sarah said...

I have no doubt you will do awesome!! You didn't get to this point by cheating. I can't wait to see you....

Jill of All Trades said...

Good luck for sure. Camping for me always meant the junk food which was not normally allowed at home when I was a kiddo. Have fun.

Chris H said...

Have fun camping!
And when we are going away my family sits back and waits for me to tell them what to do too.

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