Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm exhausted.

Today I spent $60 on flea stuff for my cat because his constant licking and scratching is driving me BONKERS. Not to mention he thinks he needs to do that in my room, which makes it impossible to sleep.

Apparently becoming a mother has made me a super light sleeper. That's probably why I was wide awake this morning.


I don't have a newborn so W-T-F.  I've earned my sleeping in time people. I have three kids, I've DONE the early morning all night crap. There is a reason I don't have more than three kids (mostly because I knew that one more and I'd definitely be living in the loony bin).

I got up and did the usual bathroom trip, which includes turning on the faucet so that the cat can get a drink. He SPRINTS in the bathroom when he hears me go in there so he can drink out of the sink. No idea how THAT little trick started.

Went back to bed, and a bit later Scott gets up. He proceeds to go in and out of the bedroom about ten times, opening and closing the door each time so that he doesn't disturb me.

closes door CLICK
opens door CLICK ERRRR
closes door  CLICK
opens door CLICK ERRRR

After the tenth time I was like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN.

While I'm awake I might as well check my Ebay auctions.

Ok, concentrate, go back to sleep!

4:30 he comes in to say goodbye, gives me my goodbye kiss.
Ok he's gone.


Cat's scratching scratching scratching.

Fuuuuuuuuudddggggeeee (that's the Christmas Story version-freaking love that movie)

Next thing I know I'm walking up.
It's 6:00 am.

Ahhhhh I was sleeping so well. Of course now it's time to get up.
Just 5 more minutes....

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1 comment:

michiganme said...

This made me laugh so much I spit my soda out...hysterical! Welcome to my world, only the 'cat who licks' is a dog. You made my day.

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