Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Young Love

Sometimes I wish that my blog was still anonymous so I could write out my frustrations in life like I used to and no one would know about it. There is something about putting it all out there in print that seems to just free my mind. Like once you get it out of your body you can let it go a bit. But, I can't do that anymore!

It's kind of weird when I see my husband reading my blog. And my kids. And co-workers. It's no longer just a little outlet for me it's something that other people are going to read and judge me by. We all want followers and then ACK what did we do?

We become PC. Well some of us do, others just put it all out there and BRAVO for you to have the guts to do that but I'd probably be unemployed, unmarried  and friendless haha. Funny, but not.

So instead of being all deep dark and depressing I thought I'd share some fond memories of mine.

Scott and I met on a blind date. My Dad set us up (Scott worked with him). My super shy now husband somehow worked up the courage to call me and ask me for a date. He picked me up in his 1964 Ford Galaxie.

Well back one step, he brought me a gas station rose (swoon!) and then we got in his super cool car and went to dinner at Sizzler. He left a $10 tip because he didn't want to ask for change (he still argues that it wasn't that much, but it was).  Then we drove all around and then back again to go to the movies. We saw Far & Away (my choice) which, you all know was a suck ass movie. He took me home and was a perfect gentleman and left.

Somehow  he mustered up enough courage to call me for a 2nd date. This time we went to the races. He once again brought me a gas station rose (so cute). We sat with some friends of his and watched the races and the fire works show. He took me home and was going to leave but I kissed him on the steps and the rest is history. (those are the steps in the picture)

I remember how we used to go to Lyon's restaurant (I think they are all gone now) for breakfast and get a giant cinnamon roll for an appetizer and then have a big breakfast. We'd sit at the table and hold hands. He'd run his fingers over mine and :::swoon::.

I remember him coming to meet me at work and sitting in the parking lot and eating McDonald's while we talked in the car.

Laying on the hide-a-bed (most uncomfortable thing in the world!) and watching Melrose Place. Pushing the trundle bed next to my day bed to make a bigger bed after the hide-a-bed finally killed my back enough.

3 am wake up calls.
Picking out my engagement ring.
Talking about what we'd name our kids some day.
Learning everything there is to learn about each other (or so we thought).
Picking out our first puppy together.

The hard days were yet to come and the days and nights were full of daydreams and sex (sorry kids).  I made minimum wage or something close to it. I think about $5 an hour and he made somewhere around $8. But it was enough. We had a place to live and gas was cheap. We had fun.

Life was easy back then. And really, it's not that much harder now.

We have more bills, we have kids, we have responsibilities but with a little laughter and love it's all good. Life is day to day and you never know if some day you are going to wake up dead so let's all enjoy the little moments that some day you might look back and realize what great little moments they were.

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Sarah said...

ahhhh. Too cute. I bet that all seemed like yesterday didn't it?? Now you have a college student. Where did time go??

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh this was good! You guys look so young, like babies.

My hubby doesn't read me. When I started he said to me, "this is your thing isn't it?" I said, "yep" So he said I won't read it unless you say I can. I don't know where he got that idea but I liked it and went w/it.
But then he tells people. I about killed him when he told my new neighbor and oh boy do I have a ton of things I could write there and now I can't. So I had to tell him - please don't tell people. He stopped after that thankfully.

You can always start a new one Julie and keep it quiet from those you don't want to read. And vent away baby. I know how cathartic (sp?)it is!!!

Nancy Clue said...

Oh, girl.. I feel your pain on the anonymity thing. :) I loved the pics from when you first met your husband! He had some kick ass PUMPS - those were all the rage at my school!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Great post, Julie! I love reading about couple love stories. =)

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