Sunday, April 6, 2014

Change of Plans

Well I did not finish weeding the vegetable garden area today. Instead I ended up playing  it the front yard all day. Somehow there was a ton of weeds along the road area. They were getting kind of big and really bugging me so I pulled those out and most of the weeds in the rest of the yard. That took all day! 

Oh and I also used our weed whacker around the sides. I kind of love that thing. It's so much fun! Scott got one that uses a rechargeable battery so you don't have to worry about a cord or mixing fuels. Of course it helps if the battery is fully charged but eh, minor problems right?

I really need to buy some sunscreen too. I have no idea where ours is. I'm sure it was old anyways.  Just another layer of base burn today I guess. 

See how tall that grass is across the street? Someone complained once that I throw my weeding in the field over there. I'm keeping this picture to show them that I was just throwing it back where it came from.

I got a bag of irises from a coworker a couple years ago and they are finally blooming. Well one of them is blooming lol.

 Watering :)

Not much color right now. The middle is my gladiolas. I also planted some (giant) sunflower seeds. We'll see if they come up.

All the flowers around the paper box had kind of died off but they seem to have reseeded themselves. woohoo! I think we are also actually finally going to finish up that  little superman section there. It's supposed to be bricks with an arbor and bench.  Scott was measuring how much fencing we'd need today too. That will make everything so different if we have a fence running down the right side of the trees here.

The alyssum loves to seed into the gravel pathway. I pulled out the bigger ones along with a bunch of weeds.

About 5 hours after I started.

I'm glad I put dinner in the crock pot before I went outside this morning! It was nice to only have to cook some noodles and warm up some veggies to go with it.

Oh and here is my yard 5 years ago right after I planted that tree (which is pretty much dead and I'm going to take it out)

It's come a long way I think!

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Anonymous said...

Your garden looks really pretty!

Suburban Correspondent said...

I love your yard! How inspiring!

Runbunsoff said...

Love what you did to your yard. It looks super nice.

Annsterw said...

Love the yard!!!! Looks like a seriously relaxing place to sit and chill!!!!! Beautiful and serene!!!!!

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