Thursday, April 24, 2014

Working Out, Or Not

I went all Rambo on my work outs yesterday catching up on my Bikini Body Mommy Challenge.

So today I'm all "when I get home, I'll change real quick and then go to the gym".

Then I get home, take the dogs out,
Oh I have to water the veggie garden,
and the side yard,
put the sprinkler on the front
have a snack,
Oh I have to pay a bill before I forget
balance the checkbook
oh screw it,

I'll just skip today.

Yep, that's how it works. I'm invited to go to a "wine night" at one of my neighbors/friend/book club ladies houses tonight, so that's making my time a little squishy. I totally could have made it to the gym and probably still could if I went really fast but eh, I don't really feel like it.

What a slacker.

Not yesterday haha.

So I've been taking a break from running since my half marathon in Utah. I always feel so burnt out on running after doing a half. So I just didn't run anymore. Except for the 5k at the zoo, which honestly, if my whole family had not been signed up for, I totally would have ditched. 

The last couple days though, I've finally kind of felt like going for a run. When I saw that three days of the Bikini Body Mommy was to do 1 minute run/walk intervals for 20 minutes I decided to just go out and do all three. If it felt good.

I went out and down the block then came home and changed into a proper running top. Way too much bounce in that other sports bra. OUCH. Then it was back out for a glorious hour where I remembered how much I like to run. It was dark when I went out (favorite time to run, yes I'm weird) and the wind we had been having all day had quieted down to a nice breeze.

I had set my Runkeeper to go off every minute but I started missing some of them so I set up the interval timer for 1 minute alarms and that worked much better. I was running and walking along and bopping around to my favorite running songs and just having a great time!

Before I knew it an hour was up.

YES! I like to run.

Now I'm like, man I have a whole month until my next race.
Maybe I should find another one to do.
Maybe a trail run.
Maybe I should pick another half to do!

Maybe I should just pipe down and just go out and have some more fun runs.

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

I think fun runs are better for sure!
You can go when you feel like it, and go as fast and as far as YOU want.
I can't run.
Never have.
Too much like hard work!
And boobs. don't even get me started on boobs and how much they giggle around!!!

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