Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Stepping It Up & Random Ramblings

I might need some help typing. My arms are a little sore.

Just got back from the gym. Day 50 of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge was ROUGH! Elevated push ups are no joke! Kind of felt like a bad ass doing them at the gym though, if I do say so myself. Hopefully no one saw me shaking haha.

After my 3 rounds of that work out I did Day 1 of the Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program. I've heard about this program for awhile through girls in my little fit camp. I decided that April 1st sounded like a good time to add it in and try it out!

What all that means is that I did about a jillion push ups tonight. The last set I was kind of getting pissed off at the gym because this guy was vacuuming. Which, yeah it's late, I guess the floor needs to be vacuumed but HELLO, I'm a customer in your establishment. If I'm trying to work out go vacuum somewhere else.

In other non work out news, I'm the last one standing in a household of sickies. The nasty chest cold has hit our house. I think I had a tiny tough of it last week because my chest had felt kind of tight and my throat hurt a little. I'm hoping that was it and I don't get the full on bug like everyone else.

Last night we were eating dinner and I got a text from the bank that someone was using my debit card in New York. LOVELY. Hopefully that doesn't take too long to get straightened out and lucky for me they didn't spend too much money.

I worked all day today to make up for leaving work early to pick up a sick Trevor from school yesterday. One project done, another one waiting to start. Job security right?

All my little seedlings are getting huge but I can't plant them outside yet because it's been raining and I still need to weed all the grass and weeds out.

At least it's raining though, we definitely need the rain.

OH did you hear about the runner that was lost in California? This guy was out on a trail training run on Sunday and got separated from the group and they just found him today. It was snowing where he was at. Apparently he is ok but brrrr poor guy! 

Something to be said for being in great shape I guess.

Well guess I'll go to bed even though I'm all wired from working out late at night. Oh maybe not, Scott just went and climbed into bed. Wouldn't want to sleep in the recliner when he's sick I guess.

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Chris H said...

I would freak out if someone was using my debit card! I hope you get your money back.

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