Monday, March 31, 2014

New Races and Work Outs

I got us all registered for April and May races today (and yesterday).

For April we are going to do the Zoo Zoom race again. I'm just going to do the 5k though so I can be done at the same time as everyone else. Last year it was kind of annoying being at all staggered times. I did sign Trevor up for the 1 mile run though. As soon as he stops coughing up a lung we'll have to get him out to do some "training" hehe. Melissa said no thanks, she'll just pay to get into the zoo lol.

My sister in law is coming too and signing up my niece for the kids short run again. That was sooo cute last year! I'm still trying to decide if I'll wear my new crazy tiger pants!

Oh my look how little the boys were so cute!

My step mom said that they are running that race too and that my dad is going to have his truck in the car show. That sounds like it will be a fun day!

Since today was the last day of March I decided to finish off the week I had left off on for the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. Tonight I did Day 45 and 47. They are the same work out, 4 exercises with 3 reps so I did 6 total reps. Ouch! Definitely feeling that in the tops of my legs and back a bit.

I ended up taking a whole week off after my half (just didn't feel like doing anything) so I'm a week behind "schedule". I've decided to just "re-schedule" for April :) It was nice having time off and I actually am looking forward to going for a run instead of dreading going out.

I'm thinking about doing another work out also but I need to look it up again and decide. The Bikini Body Mommy ones are good but they don't take very long to do and I feel like I could do more.

I've got my calendar printed out, now to just get it filled in!

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