Monday, March 10, 2014

Bikini Body Mommy Catch Up Day

Well I started off this fabulous Monday by waking up at my normal time. Normal time for LAST MONDAY. Somehow I did not actually turn my alarm clock on, even though I know that I checked to make sure it was set to the correct time.

Oh well! What are you going to do but drive the kids to school and go into work an hour later than normal. Lucky for me I work somewhere where that is not a big deal.

After I got home from work I was so tired I laid on my bed thinking I'd take a nap. Instead I decided today would be a great day to just power through and catch up on my Bikini Body Mommy work outs. Somehow I did not get 2 of them done last week so today I did those 2 and the one that was actually on my calendar.

I started by going outside and doing the 100 death marches in this nice strip of grass that Scott mowed. I totally did it barefoot and it was great. I hate shoes. I'd do everything barefoot if I could! The grass was so soft and cool on my feet!

I did one "set" went and got a bottle of water and took a few sips and then did it again.

Then the dogs and I did the windmill and weird leg body balance moves together. I was kind of laughing to myself when I realized how bad the view in the mirror is. Nice over flowing laundry basket. A vacuum, that outlet really needs a cover (it used to have one, where did it go?) and some day we'll actually take out that sliding glass door that I hate in there. My bedroom was one of the first rooms to get "done" here and it's definitely time to redo it. If I only had the motivation to take off the wall paper, build a wall, etc.

After getting those 2 days done I sat and watched part of the video for Day 36 just to see what was coming up and thought to myself "that's not that bad, I'll just do it now". So I did.  It ended with a bunch of calf raises which HOLA my legs love. 

If only ab work was that much fun!Pin It

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Chris H said...

HA! I hide the laundry in our spare bedroom now! Looks like yours.

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