Sunday, March 30, 2014

It started so simply

Ugh shit is way too complicated for my 40 year old brain sometimes.

Melissa's phone finally bit the dust beyond repair so we went to the phone store to get her a new phone. I wanted to get her a smart phone and after about an hour of waiting we finally had someone to wait on us. The gal was super nice and helped out a lot, which was great after all that.

So anyhow it turned out to be the same price to get an iPhone 5s as a 4s. I have a 4s and Scott has just a 4 that he is always bitching about that his sucked compared to mine so I was like hey let's get us 2 new phones and then we can give the kids our phones. 

I get home and we back up Scott's old phone and then plug in the new phone and somehow it updated with old 2013 info and not the last year. Fuck me really? So then we spent the rest of the night messing around with his phone and then my phone updated ok just didn't want to add all my music, which is ok, I have the CD's I can put it back on. I finally gave up after an hour and just wiped my old phone clean and handed it over to Melissa.

Scott doesn't want to clean his off because he has a game on there he's been playing for 2 years. I guess he can go track down Trevor whenever he wants to play it? lol

This morning I go to take out the old sim card in Scott's old phone and I can't get the little thing to pull out and then it FLINGS between my bed and this open back desk I have. Can't find it anywhere. Spent like half an hour going through the drawers and everything. I told Trevor I need a break (is 8:00 too early to drink?) and got some coffee and sat down for a sec. He walks in there and finds it in like a minute sitting on the ledge of the drawer guts (can't think of the name). I had taken the drawers out and even went through them all trying to find it and I'm pretty sure I looked on the ledge thing like 20 times. Ah well at least it's found.

Remind me next time I get a new phone to make the people do everything for me. That was too damn stressful. Guess that's what I get for trying to be nice.

Oh and while I'm typing this I try to make the kids a new Itunes ID and he tells me to put his bday in there and then it kicks it out saying he's not old enough and now it won't even accept my birthday. UGH. Stupid phones.

ETA fixed it. Ok I'm done fixing this crap.
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Chris H said...

I got the saleslady to transfer everything from me old phone to me new one. I wouldn't even KNOW how to do it!
Had to laugh about losing the SIM card. So typical that someone else finds it just like that.

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