Thursday, March 27, 2014

Recovery Food

After our recovery nap Scott decided he was hungry and I decided it was most definitely margarita time. We walked across the hotel parking lot and went over to Jack's Sports Grill and bellied up to the bar. We ordered some nachos and drinks and just sat back and hung out.

We probably would have stayed longer but Scott's legs started cramping up so he hobbled over to the hotel and we just hung around for a bit until it was time for dinner haha. I swear we spent most of this trip eating.

We walked back across the parking lot and met everyone at the place next door to Jack's, the Switchback Grille and Trading Company which is way more fancy than I am. It had that snobby feel to it. We took our seats out on the "patio" which had one open wall to the outside. It was beautiful, but cold! After some begging we got them to turn on a heater.

Lots of fun drama at the table tonight. "Girlfriend" and the girls so not getting along. I think I might have kind of liked the Girlfriend actually. I like old eccentric people, they are so interesting. I was a bit too far away from her to carry on a conversation though. 
I decided on one of the "cheaper" items on the menu, a BBQ chicken pizza. I was kind of eyeing the seafood cobb salad and my friend decided that she would order that and we'd share. Works for me! The salad was really good. The pizza was ok. Hate to say it but the boxed California Kitchen BBQ pizza is way better. Love that stuff. 

After our $80 dinner we went back to the hotel and changed into our swim suits and met at the hot tub! Ahhh it was so nice to sit there and relax and just chat! THIS is vacation. We stayed out there for a couple hours until we were all wrinkly and over heating and then went back and hit the hay!

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Chris H said...

I'm sitting here at 11 in the morning, looking at all that lovely food... dang! Now I'm hungry.

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