Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ummm Chocolate

Has anyone seen my motivation today? I think I left it at work.

After work today I went to the doctor to get some meds for this rash on my side. It's some kind of fungal thing or other that I should have got meds for like 6 months ago before it looked so angry. Just like a mom to put things off eh? Not that I didn't try like 5 different creams and potions to get rid of it on my own.

So anyhow while I was at the Dr.'s which they should rename the Nurse Practitioner's (I don't think I've seen my actual doctor for myself in like 5 years or more) we went through the check list of all the things my family has and what might kill me some day.

I think it's interesting how they have that check list but don't really go through and ask you anything about your life and if you are killing YOURSELF.

Nope, just giving myself a fungal infection from getting all sweaty. Don't mind me.

I got prescribed an oral medication, which YEAH no gross creams but BOOO it has side affects. Like killing your liver. I have to go get a blood test so they can monitor it I guess. I already got the prescription with 3 refills so it's kind of like an "on your honor" thing, but I think a liver might be kind of important so I'm going to be good and go get the blood test done.

I went to Wal Greens and got my meds and one of these. Man I was craving chocolate all morning and this totally hit the spot. Although, they sure are small now compared to when I was a kid. They used to be the size of a real large egg. Now more like a small one.

I went into the grocery store after getting my meds (past the Girl Scout Cookies, NO THANK YOU, I'm good on chocolate now!) and ended up getting one of the meal deals they have with a rotisserie chicken and stuff for dinner. Which gave me extra time when I got home to screw around. I ended up down at my neighbor's house chatting for a bit until Scott got home.

I had walked down there and on the way back I was admiring the flowers that my other neighbors have planted in the roundabout by my house.

So pretty! This used to be all just dead grass and scraggly looking until a couple neighbors took it on. Now it has little trees planted all around it and this planter box they take care of  (and grass obviously).

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! Although I think our computer system is MAYBE going to be functional tomorrow which means I will most likely be working a long day. I have STACKS of stuff to put in the system.

No big plans for the weekend other than to run 10 miles (might go somewhere and do that after the blood test Saturday) and to help my friend work on her wedding flowers on Sunday.Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh Julie I love cadbury eggs. Rick just brought me home one the other day for a surprise. I like chocolate surprises. But you're right they were bigger back in the day. They now have them filled with caramel too. Yes, he brought me two - I took a bite of the caramel and gave the rest to him cuz he loves that more than me. But it was very good! Thankfully they aren't around all year!

Chris H said...

Yep I agree,those eggs are getting smaller.
Bummer about the infection, I hope it clears up soon.
I hope you don't have to pay 'Doctor Rates' if you only get to see a nurse! And since when are nurses allowed to prescribe medications? Isn't that what DOCTORS are there for? Weird.
Only Doctors can prescribe medications here.
A nurse can say yep, you need this and this, but it has to be signed off by a Doctor.
Mini rant there!

Anyway, I hope your liver stays healthy.

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