Monday, March 3, 2014

Twin's Baby Shower

Saturday was my sister in law Michele's baby shower for her twins. Originally I was going to help with the shower but I just had too much on my plate so I backed out. Her friend and cousin did it just fine with out me ;)

Poor Michele has been on bed rest since the day after my birthday. She was going into preterm labor and had to spend some time in the hospital. So my mom has been watching Ava and she has been trying to make it a few more weeks before the twins make their arrival.

I stole a couple pictures off of Facebook but most of them are mine ;)

I snuck one picture of the mommy. I sat at a weird angle from her so didn't get any others during the shower. She is about 31 weeks now with boy/girl twins.

The next 3 pictures are from one of the girl's that thew the shower.

We decorated onsies for a game. Adrian is really working hard on hers!

My mom and Aunt Cheryl
 Ava working on some art work

Finished onesies
 The best part of baby showers? When there is a baby to play with. This is my cousin's little girl Graci. She was teething.

Jessica won like EVERY game lol. So funny!

It was a nice little shower! I can't wait until they are here, I love new babies! BUT they do need to cook a bit longer so I will patiently wait.

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