Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bikini Body Mommy Pug & Run

I think the best part of my job is new farmers. They are so excited. They are genuinely grateful for every cent that the government gives them through grant money. This morning I had two guys come in that were just so excited about their new business that they were just getting rolling. It was quite refreshing.

Not like the old time farmers who all think they are owed the money and get pissed when we tell them they can't have it. Not that I don't kind of blame them for getting pissed about how some crap is done and what hoops they have to go through, but sheesh at least be nice. It's not my fault you can't sign your name in the correct box and I have to make you do it over.

PS if your name is MICHAEL don't put down your name is MIKE on a legal form. Just saying.

Another fun one from today? This guy said he didn't get the letter I sent because the mail goes to his office and he hasn't checked his mail in TWO WEEKS. Um yeah. Better check to see if the lights are still on too since I'm sure you probably are in the habit of not paying your bills either.

Well onto fun stuff. I woke up with a huge kink in my neck this morning. I'm pretty sure that's from doing those windmill-like exercises on Monday. IT loosened up a bit over the day so I went ahead and did my Day 38 workout.


I always have to modify these after a couple by putting my knees down when I do the rows. Maybe I need weights that aren't round like she says. I'm sure that's it. Yep, yep. Totally.

So I got a total of 50 done and that included running over to turn the fan on and checking to see who was texting me real quick. Not too bad! After finishing that I did the "bonus abs" work out that is only a minute and Snookie was standing under me the whole time. It was kind of cracking me up! When I was done I scooped her up and took a pic. Her expression just cracks me up! She's like WAIT! WTF? I'M NOT READY FOR A SELFIE!! Then I put her down and tried to get Rusty to play with me but he took off with her to go wrestle some more.

This work out is only a 10 minutes so I figured I could get in yesterday's run too.

I should have taken some water with me, but I didn't. Scott was riding his bike along with me while I ran and I kept thinking about how thirsty I was.

When I finally got to about mile 3 I was like hmm I'm ok now. Only 2 miles to go! And ran the rest of the way without stopping to walk. Weird how that works. Mind over matter I'm guessing.

I need to make a playlist for my half marathon soon. I'm guessing Pandora is not going to work where we are running and it would be nice to have a playlist set up.  Do you have any favorite running songs? I don't do rap so anything but that. Or blue grass. Not that I think anyone would suggest that for running (or listening to in general that's some weird shit).Pin It

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Chris H said...

Can't help you with the songs, I don't run! lol

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