Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good-Bye For Now Party

So of course the day for Jessica's party we had like 25 mile per hour winds. ALWAYS crappy weather when we plan a party outside. 

We ended up huddled on the back side of the club house to get a break from the wind. Thankfully it calmed down a bit after awhile. 

I didn't take too many pictures (my mom took some of everyone, so I'll have those in a couple years).

The girls dragging a table over from another area

My best friend Carolyn and her 3 girls. 

My Mom, Me and my girls

Jess and Grandma

I FINALLY got to meet my niece and nephew! This is Emma.

and Vincent

and mom with her dog Tinkerbell 

We brought the paddle boat and the kids had fun taking it for a spin

After everyone left and things calmed down I went over to my mom's cabin and hung out on the porch until 12:30. So nice and relaxing!
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