Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good Bye To Jess & San Francisco

Tuesday was such a sad day. 

I took the day off so that I could take Jessica to the airport. Melissa was "sick" so she could go too. Trevor went to school because he had a field trip that day and that's more exciting than taking your big sister who beats you up to the airport. Scott went to work because that's what he does.

My mom came over and the girls and I drove to San Jose. We picked up Scott at work and then we went to Jack In the Box (Jessica's choice because they don't have those in North Carolina) for lunch. He drove to the airport where we deposited her at the curb and I cried the big cry. She happily walked into the airport and then she was gone.

Honestly I think all this would be easier if I had a date of when I would see her again. I know we are lucky to have all the technology we have today to keep in touch but it's not quite the same as laying next to her on the couch while she's sleeping listening to her breathing.

So after that Scott went back to work and I decided we should go to San Francisco to make the day less sad. I probably should have not worn contacts though because they were really bothering me after all that crying. By the time we got to the city I felt like I was half blind. We walked about 12 blocks until we finally found Wal Greens so I could get some contact solution and then all was well. 

I took my mom over to see the Musee Mechanique. I just love that place. One of these times I'm going to bring a shit ton of quarters so I can watch all the old little movie things in there.

This thing is all made out of toothpicks. It's missing it's little roller coaster but the train goes around and everything else moves. 

 The old submarine outside the arcade and a view of Alcatraz

This sea gull flew up while we were standing there. It gave us a once over and then went over to beg off some people that were standing there eating while they looked over the water.

That's Pier 39 over across the water, that's where we walked over to and spent the rest of the day.

The Pier always has the prettiest flowers. These planters were outside a restaurant. Great color combinations.

Check out the thorns on this plant though, wouldn't want to fall in there. 

The Golden Gate bridge is in the distance but you can't really see it through the fog.

We had to go say hello to the Sea Lions. They are so funny. One will pop out of the water and just flop down on top of the rest until he knocks one off and takes it's spot. 

 These people had 3 of these Great Pyrenees. They kind of stole the show for a bit. It's like having a small horse for a dog! Can you imagine how much fur you would have all over your house.

I found my latest exercise routine on a t shirt (kidding)

We ate dinner at Chowder's. Melissa looked so pretty in the window but would not let me take a picture. WTH? Someday when you're 40 you will wish you had a picture of yourself at 15 by the window in San Francisco ;)

I tried to wait it out a bit so we wouldn't hit the commuter traffic but  I was also kind of worrying about how much our parking was costing. It ended up being like $36 when we left and I still had to drive through some commuter traffic to get to the Bay Bridge but then it was fine. 

So a nice way to end a sad day.
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michiganme said...

Did your daughter just decide that she wanted a NC adventure? Does she have friends out there? I think it's great that you're such a supportive parent even though it's not your first choice for her to go that far. I don't think you will regret all that you do to encourage her to follow her dreams.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What a nice day! You are so right she will regret that photo. Ah to be young and beautiful.

And mom you will see jess again. Make a plan to visit now. Like a white Xmas or her bday. Then you'll have something to look forward to.
The pics here are great Julie.

Suburban Correspondent said...

There might not be Jack in the Box in North Carolina, but there IS Sonic! Is she going to school there?

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