Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day 5k

This morning I went out to run at the Memorial Day 5k. I haven't ran since my last race at the zoo. I didn't have too high of hopes on breaking any records or even running the whole thing. I also went out with my friend kind of spur of the moment last night so that wasn't helping either haha.

So a couple things I learned today.

1.) Bring water to all running events. When I was on my A game I could make it through a whole 5k with no water. Yeah, not the case today and it was hot. There was no water stops for the whole 5k, which is really surprising to me.

2.) Getting the right size race shirt is pretty much impossible. The last couple have been almost too small so this time I got a size bigger and SURPRISE it's a tech shirt in the size ginormous.

3.) I should probably actually start running on a regular basis again.

I'm not sure what my "official" time was because I knew it wasn't all that great so I didn't even bother looking. It was around 35 minutes though.

Taking a break from running was good because I was getting kind of tired of it but I'm finally getting to the point where I miss running again. I definitely miss coming in under 30 minutes too! Today I was about 8 minutes slower than my fastest time. This was a totally flat course that I should have been able to just blow out real quick if I was up on my training.

The good things about my race today were, HELLO my pants haha

I think they are hilarious and totally make me laugh. Plus they were totally appropriate for today's race. Although I think I should have made them into shorts like I briefly thought about doing. That would have been a little bit cooler.

My cousin Natalie and her husband Trevor also ran the race. We hung out for a little bit before and after. She's actually my 2nd cousin but who is counting ;)

There was quite the to do going on at the park but after walking around the car show area and not finding my Dad (thought he was going to be there but I guess he didn't make it) and seeing how long the line for the food was (1000 people or maybe 100, about the same),  I just came home.

I have book club in about an hour. I'm totally looking forward to hanging out with my little book club ladies and just chilling out for the rest of the day!

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