Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Read A Book

Well not really I "listened" to a book.

Jennifer Weiner's Then Came You

The characters are

Julies-pretty collage girl with a junkie dad.

Annie-military wife and mother of two who wants to contribute to their household income and be something outside of "mom and wife" but can't quite figure out how to make it work.

India-a woman out to marry well and look good while she's at it

and last but not least Bettina, who for most of the book I thought was named "Patina", one of the bad things about listening to books instead of reading them. Bettina is kind of a lost rich girl who can buy anything but her mother's love and attention.

So with all these characters we go through a bit of each of their stories and you know at some point they are going to all have to intertwine. I loved listening to the story developing and learning a bit about each of them.

Jules is eating lunch at the mall when a man approaches her and gives her some information about donating her eggs for money. Annie is watching a program on television and sees an ad about being a surrogate mother, India wants to have a baby to seal the deal with her husband's money but keeps having miscarriages, and Bettina is full of rage for this woman that is in her father's life for his money.

Of course there you see how they all tie together and with a little twist in the story even more so.

Other Jennifer Weiner books I've read

Best Friends Forever
Good In Bed
In Her Shoes (great movie too)
Little Earthquakes
Goodnight Nobody
Certain Girls
Fly Away Home
The Guy Not Taken
American Girls About Town

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