Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zoo Zoom

Tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane to go to Disneyland! I'm running the Tinkerbell half with my bff Sarah and her friend Juli. The race is on Mother's Day Sunday. We are only planning to go into Disneyland on Sunday so we'll have a couple of days of doing all the non park stuff I guess lol. The hotel has a heated pool and hot tub that I plan to sit in and I am going to bring my Kindle and maybe take a few naps. Sounds like heaven. The run probably isn't going to be any record breaking time. My hip has really been bothering me when I run so I've fallen off my training runs. The longest runs I have done are 6 1/2 miles. Tonight I just did a mile and a half and it was smarting pretty bad. Wish me luck!


Still in catch up mode on my posts here so here is my ZOO ZOOM! The run was April 19th. I signed up for the 5k. Originally I wasn't going to do this run again because

  1. It's in Sac 
  2. I don't really like the course and 
  3.  I don't really like to get up that early. 

BUT my friend at work wanted to do it and I love to support my new(er) runner friends. She's really been working hard at her running and has totally caught the run bug.  She's actually motivating me more now than I am her so that's saying something. It's good to have friends like that around for when you get into a slump.

So I signed up, Scott said he'd do it, my sister in law's dad was talking like they would all do it again but then they went to Disneyland the week before so that didn't happen, and then a bunch of people from a sister office of my work all signed up. Oh and a friend of mine from elementary-high school also signed up!

This is my friend Ron, I haven't seen him since high school but we are Facebook friends and he lives the next town over from me so not too far. He says that me and his brother motivated him to run. I remember in high school he was quite the runner so I think he just needed a little bit of motivation to pick it back up and take off.

This is my friend Kristin. We ran the Pacific Grove 5k together way back when. She started and stopped the couch to 5k program a ton of times and finally finished it and has kept going to run even farther distances now. I'm rather proud of her!

Running in with the limp wrist and swinging pony tail

missing 2 people from the group but all the work people and Scott

Amazingly I ended up running almost exactly the same time as the last time I did this run, 30:30. I was hoping for a sub 30 but I apparently walked one too many times ;)  I probably won't do this run again unless my niece runs it. It's super cute to see the kids run. 

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Chris H said...

So why don't you like that run? Is it the terrain?

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