Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Every Wednesday night down at the club house they have Bingo. We went almost every week in April. Scott has even been going with me. It's been a lot of fun!

Two weeks ago we went and I drove. I set my keys down on the table and we played our games.

Scott was on my left and another gal was on my right. When we were done playing we cleaned up and then walked about 20 steps into the bar. We hung out in there with some friends for awhile. After my friends left I got up and went to the bathroom. All of a sudden I realized I did not have my keys. 

I went back into the bar and asked Scott if he had my keys. He didn't have them either. Ugh! Where were they? I looked through all the trash cans, on the floor, and asked all around and they weren't anywhere. I drove over to my friends house (with Scott's keys) and had her dump out her little purse to make sure she didn't accidentally pick them up. No keys. Back to the bar & kitchen where I looked through the trash again. Damn.

So we went home with Scott's keys. I put it out on Facebook and sent a message to the gal that was sitting next to me at Bingo that I had lost my keys. 

What really sucked was that my work keys were on there. So I had to go to work and then wait outside or call someone inside to open the door for me so that I could get in. Finally on the next Wednesday I had had enough of that and gave in and told my boss that I had lost my keys. I told her that most likely some 80 year old lady at Bingo had picked them up on accident. She gave me another key to get into the building and said she'd have to email the people up the chain to find out if we needed to change the locks or anything. 

We were eating dinner real quick that night so we could go to Bingo again when one of my friends called and asked if we were coming to Bingo. I was like "why did you find my keys?" she said no, that she had not found my keys. BUT when we got there, my keys were sitting on the table. 

It's a miracle! Turns out that the lady that was sitting next to me that week HAD picked up my keys and accidentally put them in her Bingo bag. She hadn't taken it out since the week before. WHY she didn't go look in there when I asked her if she had seen my keys is beyond me but I was so happy to get them back I didn't really care all that much at that point! So now I have removed my work keys from my regular key chain so if I lose them again I won't be losing my work keys. Although now I'm juggling two sets of keys every day and it feels like it's going to be a lot easier to lose a set.Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

oh how frustrating! I'm glad you got 'em back. But seriously that woman couldn't look when you called her?

Annsterw said...

Wiwsa! Glad you found them...I hate that!!!! Good luck this weekend!!!!

Chris H said...

Drrrr about that old lady not checking her bag! Good you got them back though.

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