Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Baby Time

Good morning! Happy Open California Day! Hopefully it stays open..

Decided to stay home today instead of going into the office. 
Yesterday I had a little co-worker for part of the day.

We had fun with our bucket drum and playing on the floor. 

May have had a little nap or two also haha

The other day I was looking for some wine bottles to put my wine totes in and found this bottle up in the cabinet.

I mixed these two together and they were yummy.

My friend Cassi came over and we hung out on the porch outside for a bit until it got TOO COLD! Weird it was cold since it's supposed to be 104 on Wednesday and 109 on Thursday. 

My neighbor found some kittens she thinks the mother abandoned and I'm trying not to go help with them. Please someone else come forward and do it..

Well that's all I've got for today. Nothing exciting haha. I like my days that way!

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