Thursday, June 17, 2021

Kitten Land

 Good morning happy Thursday! It really is Thursday today haha.

I am super tired from doing kitten duty over night and then trying to fall back asleep to someone snoring. Finally put headphones and some music on and that worked.

Look everyone is still alive! They have all gained a good amount of weight and definitely know what to do when presented with a bottle now.

Tina and Tubby are taking out their anger of having kittens here by scratching my couch and the rug. Naughty kitties. Got the couches covered up again so hopefully that helps. 

Melissa came over and we went to La Villa for lunch. It was so  yummy. Melissa was like the burritos are smaller and I'm like yep just like all the other places, stepped down to the smaller tortillas. Hey whatever they have to do to stay in business works for me.

Later we took a ride to Joanns so I could get some batting for the little yellow quilt top I made. I bought some basting spray to try too. Now just need to figure out where to lay it out at.

No plans for today other than kitten duty and work (which is super slow still). Tomorrow after work we are going to my friend Carolyn's again for swimming. It is supposed to be 109 today and 108 tomorrow. Blech so gross.

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