Monday, June 7, 2021

Busy Weekend

Hello Happy Monday! We made it through the busy weekend.

I finished up my flamingo fabric projects I was working on. I've been trying to "sew my stash".

A bunch of zip bags

some keychains

and some mug cozies (a couple of these were already made up but I took new pictures for Etsy)

I finally dug out the little AC thing my mom bought me last year. It works really well! you can charge it up and then use it without it being plugged in. Seems to work for a couple hours on the charge.

Saturday we went over to my brothers for a little graduation party for my nephew Tony. He actually has today and tomorrow for school still and graduates tomorrow. BUT basically done. He got recruited to play baseball for a Cabrillo college near Santa Cruz so he'll be going there in the fall. I feel so bad that I have never went to see him play since he was tiny but no one ever gives me a schedule and then next thing I know he's all grown up.

I finally got to meet my newest niece Stella. She is so tiny! Her big sister Adrian is holding her here.

Sunday was our 28th anniversary!  We just went to dinner since we hadn't made any plans and I didn't feel like sitting in the car all day to spend an hour at the beach or something. 

This was the "Hungry roll"

Philadelphia roll

and the Samari Roll. Then we rolled back home haha. 

Next I'm working on some owl fabrics. Most of these I had already cut into zip bag size so that's what they will be. I am going to make a couple mug cozies out of the gray one. The rest already had cozies made out of them. Last night I got them all ready to fuse the batting and then sew up.

I spent some time working on adding my newest items to Etsy Shop yesterday too. 
I am going to go into the office tomorrow since I hardly have anything to do for work at home. More work makes the work day go by faster! 


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