Friday, June 25, 2021


Good morning! It's Friday woohoo

I do not have any plans for this weekend, which is nice!
Hard to believe this is the last weekend of June already.

Yesterday I got an email for two free nights in Reno for July so I booked two nights at the end of the month for Scott and I.

Should be fun! We are going camping in July too so it will be some nice vacation time (hopefully).

I still need to pick some dates and book a place for my mom and I to go to in August. I think we are going to go to Solvang which is a really cute Dutch touristy place. She has never been there.

Yesterday I was a sloth after work and didn't do anything. I think I inhaled a little too much dirt out in the garage the other day. I probably should have used my inhaler yesterday but didn't really think about it other than thinking hmm my chest feels tight. Duh.

Today I would like to get back to what I was working on out there and get my free table stuff set up a bit and wash the rest of the misc stuff I had found in the garage to wash.

I was looking at Tik Tok this morning and came across this gal who as 11 children. She had her first one when she was 14. She's only like 36 or something. I can't imagine having 11 kids. Her first one flew the nest already (surprise, she was probably like I need to get the hell out of this place).  She supports herself by her artwork and her husband does odd jobs.  I wonder how the story sounds from the kid's perspective.  Always find people with alternative life styles so interesting. I'd be a basket case I know that. Thank God for birth control and getting tubes tied. Who can even have sex with that many people in the house. 

Well guess these work letters aren't going to write themselves. Sigh. So boring. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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