Monday, June 28, 2021

Sewing & Kittens

 Good morning we made it to Monday again. 

I pretty much spent the whole weekend sewing and of course feeding kittens. Last night I had a  horrible stomach ache. I still have a little bit lingering today. I used to get pains like this quite a bit when I had a gall bladder. It's like I ate too much fat and my body can't process it. Although the only thing I ate that would qualify was some tortilla chips. I can't think of anything else that would have triggered that. Hopefully it leaves soon!

Friday I got my free stuff put out. I think most of it is still there except for the big cabinet and the rolling scrapbook bag. I am going to bag up what is left and put it in the car to take to the donation place tomorrow when I go into work.

I have been waiting to do more sewing until I finished up this little quilt top. I finally finished it on Saturday. Tubby insisted on helping. It didn't matter where I laid it out she'd come help haha.

I tried using a spray basting adhesive this time. It worked pretty good. A lot easier than using a ton of safety pins to hold it all together until it is sewn. Not perfect but it is finished!

Then it made up some more tote bags out of the super cute bunny fabric panels I have. My mom bought 2 of the panels from me to make herself some pillows.  The prints are just so adorable.

This is the other side

bag #2

Other side. Hopefully I can actually sell these or I'm going to have a lot of tote bags haha.

Other than a couple small pieces left of bunny fabric I got all of that sewn up. Next in my stash is butterflies. I'm thinking of going into my character fabrics next though since those sell faster at my shows.

The kittens are very mobile now. I'm just waiting for them to figure out how to scale the baby gate keeping them in the bathroom. I let them out to run around the kitchen and living room when we were all watching them and three of them ended up taking a nap. 

Trevor brought them in my sewing room at one point and I was like they can't around in here (too many places to get lost) so he plopped them in Tina's box.

Of course they figured out how to get out of there.

Sometimes I sit on the toilet lid and feed them on the bathroom counter. They figured out how to climb the toilet paper to get closer to me. That is put up now haha.

I've started giving them wet food. I can't wait to not have to bottle feed them anymore. Then we can work on getting them adopted some more.

I watched this show on Netflix it was really good! Totally enjoyed it. It was like music through the years and different genres of music. 

Ok off to do my 3 emails sitting in my in box. Tomorrow I have to go into the office to mail out letters. I got all the letters done on Friday so the hard part is done.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I just saw that show This is Pop. We watched Good On Paper. True story except the ending.
I had a guy do this to me so I found it interesting. Rick liked it too. We both like this lead actress - she is a stand up comic so you may have seen her before. She's biting and funny!

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