Friday, June 16, 2023


Good morning happy Friday! Sadly it is the last day of my vacation. I had to log on to work to turn in my 2 weeks of vacation time sheet. I didn't let myself open my email lol. Since I'm not really all that important now and I have someone "cover" for me while on vacation there probably won't be anything I actually have to do when I open it on Monday.

I watched the kids for 2.5 Disney movies yesterday lol. Daniel was ready to go not too long after we got into the 3rd one. He told me goodbye and gave me a real kiss and tried to leave. So funny! Jess came to get him not too long after. Rosie took a long nap in the crib so her brother didn't unplug her haha.

I always close the sewing room door when they are here and when I opened it this is what I see.

She knocked over that huge basket of crap all over the floor and then took a nap in that box. she was in there for like an hour lol. She's such a pain the ass but she's so cute too. I swear I yell TINA multiple times a day. 

I worked on cleaning up this disaster desk some more yesterday. ALMOST there! 

Still have this pile o'crap over here though. I think I'm done cleaning for now though lol. I pulled out some stuff to work on last night but now decided I don't want to work on it so it will go back in the box lol (wine totes I had cut out)

I have to go to the grocery store today. First up is to make a menu of food to actually cook. I haven't cooked anything in ages. It's been a month since the last time I worked on a menu.

Look at this! My best pattern sale to date. Pretty exciting. I had it listed for $48 and took a $40 offer. I pretty much will take any offer I get now on patterns since I just want them to move out. I've made a good profit on them. Yesterday I was able to condense one box into other boxes so we are down one! 25 to go!

I have darts tonight so I'll get out of the house for some socializing.

No plans for Father's Day so far. Usually there is some kind of bbq since my brother Joe's birthday is the 19th. Jess said she isn't working that day so no kids to babysit. 

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