Monday, June 19, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I logged into work today and was going through my 200 plus emails when I saw someone mention that Monday was a holiday! So then I logged off. Happy Juneteenth!

Yesterday I went over to Jessica's house to watch the kids but after a short bit I just brought them back to my house because Daniel insisted lol. He went and got his shoes and was like lets go! So we came back to my house for about 2 hours. One way to get my house picked up real quick. I had to run the vacuum and clean up the crap the boys leave around all over. 

Rosie was asleep when Jess came to pick them up so she stayed until she woke up. Scott was here then and I took her home. I came back and was in my sewing room for like FOUR HOURS when Scott starts texting me. I'm like WTF why is he texting me from the other room. He thought I had never come back lol. That's what happens when you sleep in the recliner all day.

We went over at 6:30 and had tri tip, potato salad, beans, corn, watermelon and root beer floats for dessert. I was so full on the way home I had to unbutton my pants lol

I only took one people picture. It was cold and windy. Such weird weather for June!

This morning I got my eBay packages ready for the mail (not that it matters since there is no mail today). I'll probably do some sewing since I am almost done cutting out the linings & backings for my current project of FLAMINGOS and pink stuff that was in my finish later box. We'll see if I have enough fusible fleece for everything I have cut out!

Oh and today is my baby brother's 40th birthday! We are all in the same decade now. Joe is 40, Louie will be 42 next month and I am 49. The one time a decade I don't feel so much older than them ;)

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