Friday, June 30, 2023


Good morning happy FRIYEAH!

Still waiting to find out if my request for Monday off is approved sigh. I'm going to assume it is and call it a 4 day plus 2 hour early release weekend!

Last night Trevor and I went to dinner before the grocery store. I don't know why he has one eye closed lol. He got this soup that was still cooking while he ate it. I got the ramen bowl since it was one of the only things that wasn't spicy on the menu and full of fish. It was "ok" lol but I wouldn't pick it to go back to.

SUMMER IS HERE. Here come the heat. If you need me I'll be inside with the AC. 

Tomorrow is the 4th of July party down at the clubhouse but I most likely won't go since my buddy Cassi has abandoned me and I'm not that close to my other friend I used to hang out with anymore. Scott never really likes to do those things.

Sunday will most likely be babysitting. We are invited to go over to my brother Louie's for the 4th. Not sure if we are doing that yet but probably.

I got groceries for to last a bit. Over $300 but I had to buy dog food and cat food so that was like $50. Little oinkers.

Work is DEAD. Fun! I need to go to Joanns and get more of the fusible fleece so I can finish up these bags I started. I guess I can work on some keychains until I get myself over there!


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