Wednesday, June 14, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! 

I made this tote yesterday with all the 1 1/2" patriotic scraps. She turned out pretty nice!

Pocket inside

I went and got us dinner from Ono Hawaiian BBQ. Yum yum yum. I should probably go grocery shopping soon. 

They chopped a bunch of my neighbor's tree off yesterday. I wonder if they are going to cut it all the way down. Trees are nice but when you have septic and smallish lots they can be a real issue. I remember when we first moved here, I'm pretty sure that tree either wasn't there or was tiny. 

I worked on my 1" scraps and these eagles I had left over from my stars. I just have to put the backs on and sew around the edges and they will be done. I just cut the backs out and pinned them on.

I've been having fun on Whatnot last night and this morning. Naughty naughty but it is is fun getting stuff cheap. 


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