Thursday, June 1, 2023


Hello happy Friday eve! The work day is over already TG. ONE MORE DAY of working then VACATION woohooooo. 

 Went into the office to mail off some letters. I hung out for a bit and tried doing some shredding but the shredder is barely working. 

I have darts tonight!

Yesterday I went over to my friend Carolyn's house. Jess came with the kids too. 
Rosie loves the water just as much as Daniel. Little fishies!

Definitely going on a diet when vacation is over. Oye! 

My pretty girls

He looks huge here. He's not even 3 yet 

Everyone loves the babies :)

My friend Dee's boys and Carolyn's granddaughter swam until about 9:30. They had to be little prunes. It was a little big cold and she had heated the pool so it was nice!

We have another pool date for next month :)


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