Saturday, July 1, 2023


Hello! Happy Saturday. It's already scorching here  

My stomach was bothering me a bit last night and I thought it was from the smoothie I made but now I'm wondering if I had picked up a little bug. I was super achy the last few days and then that. Still a little messed up this morning.

I did still make dinner though. This was ok, probably wouldn't make it again.

Simon hiding from her dad after pooping on the rug. Some day hopefully she'll stop doing that. Look at her face you know she's guilty lol.

Today's half over already and I have done nothing. I spent all day playing games on my phone yesterday. At 12:30 this morning I deleted them all off. Sheesh I'm so obsessive when I play those things. Such a waste of time. Not that I got much done today but at least I'm not nose down in my phone. 

I have some beans in quick soak so I can make some soup later. Hopefully my stomach stops bothering me so I can eat it. 

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