Saturday, July 22, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!

Yesterday I went through the last of my fabric I bought and only ended up with this little pile to sell. The other 2 boxes are scraps so they'll have to be ironed and straightened out before I can do anything with them. I did sell most of the fabric here and a few patterns. Total profit so far after Paypal fees is $225. Not bad for not much work!

Everyone has paid now except one person who has a smaller package so I'm ready to take it all to the post office! Just a few boxes! I got it all into 4 reusable shopping bags so I will only have to take 2 trips into the post office to drop them off. After I get done messing around here I will go do that.

Last night at darts I won TWO games woohoo. Go me! No Low Tons though. Our team won 4 out of 7 so that was good.  After Scott came and we went to Chili's for a late night meal. I had dinner earlier but that was about all I had eaten all day so a snack was good.

This morning I got up and washed and put away all the dishes so of course now Trevor is in there making something :)

Scott's nephew Brian that who we went to visit posted this yesterday. Linda is the oldest of Scott's siblings and passed away in May from cancer.  She was scary skinny on that bottom picture. 

Here is the last time we saw her at Scott's Dad's funeral. She had cut her hair real short. We were talking about it last night that she probably already had cancer but didn't tell anyone.

Scott (#6), Carolyn (#2), Linda (#1) and Suzie (#3)
Suzie is his sister that lived with his mom who passed away January 2022.  His other sister Barbara (#5) and his brother Howard (#4) are still alive but not in this picture since they were being weird. 

Anyhow, guess I should finish up my coffee and get to the post office before they close. 


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