Thursday, July 6, 2023


Hello happy Thursday!

I didn't have any pictures for you so here is Wham! I'm watching the documentary this morning. I was a big Wham fan when I was a kid. 

Today I am going to my friend Carolyn's house for a swim day (after work) so that should be fun. 

I only did a little bit of sewing yesterday. I ran to town at 6:30 to get the medicine the Dr prescribed at Walgreens. WG closes at 7pm now. I got there with 4 minutes to spare. They turned one man away after I got my meds and was still shopping around a bit. I was like you'd think they could just help that one person but they turned him away. I'd be pissed.

I bought a big bottle of water while I was there and chugged it down on the way home. I was feeling like I was getting a bladder infection but after drinking the water I felt much better. Maybe I was just dehydrated.  I just laid on my bed and watched videos until I fell asleep for the rest of the night so no sewing projects to share.  Hopefully the meds will help my stomach. I'm tired of thinking about how my stomach feels lol.

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