Saturday, July 8, 2023


Hello happy Saturday! I guess it isn't morning anymore since it is almost 1:00pm. How did that happen? Probably since I was working on this other little romper.  When I cut out the one I finished yesterday I had accidentally cut out both views A & B. That was B and this is A. I figured might as well sew it up since I cut all the pieces.  I messed up the button holes a bit (they aren't totally even and one is too low) and my machine kept skipping stitches. I think it is just the fabric that was making it do that since it is raised/flocked a bit. When I ran it on a sample of non bumpy fabric it worked fine. I was afraid I messed up my machine when I got some fabric stuck yesterday when I was working on making button holes but I *think* it is ok. Hope so. 

Anyhow, it's done!

I got the snap kit I ordered off Amazon yesterday. It is really nice and works good (so far haha). I'm glad I got the kit with everything. 

It is pretty easy to do the snaps

Should I make the sundress next? 

I really like the little bubble rompers for the little ones in the summer though so I might just make a different pattern of one of those. 

I got this lily fabric to make her something. I serged the edges so I can wash it next. 

Today is my cousin Randy's birthday. Hopefully he's not in jail and doing well ;) 

I need to do some laundry for my little trip tomorrow. I'm feeling a lot better at the moment so hopefully I continue to feel better. So today's tasks are to do some sewing room clean up and some laundry. Fun! 

I got these organizers from Amazon yesterday. I really like them. I bought them to organize this big box of misc bead stuff I have. At one point I thought about selling it all but then I decided to keep it. I pulled them out when I was trying to make some zipper pulls and decided they'd be fun to play with again but need to be organized. Who doesn't like organizing?

This morning I sold all the thread I had listed on eBay to one person. They messaged me wanting to buy it all. I asked them how much they'd like to pay and they said $72 (for 90 spools). I was like that will work! Remember when I bought all this thread for $100? I have one shoebox left. I think I've sold about $500 worth of it so minus $100=$400 worth of profit (minus a few eBay/Paypal fees). Not too shabby and I still have that one box left to list. I might just put it all together in one lot to clear it out. I wish it fit into my big thread display but they just barely fit on the front clip and won't go inside. 

Ok off to play with my new organizing boxes. I can see these being useful for all kinds of small things!

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