Sunday, July 2, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! Today is babysitting the grandkids day! Which also means cleaning day haha. I have a couple hours until I have to go run the vacuum.

It's supposed to be another hot one today. My friend said it got to 108 yesterday. I just stayed inside with the AC all day except for when I ran to Joanns to get more fusible fleece. Thank God for air conditioning. 

Dinner last night, beef taco skillet. Pretty sure I made this one before and it was good. I took a shot of pepto before I ate it since my stomach was bothering me all day and amazingly I was fine after that. Hopefully I'm done with the belly ache now. 

I finished up the pink keychains I was working on. I still have a ton of Minnie Mouse that just need interfacing and the final sewing but I have a lot made up already so I'll save them for later.



Minnie & her cat 

and 2 Tangled

I got the fusible fleece cut for my zip bags, ironed on and pinned so they are ready for their first round on the sewing machine.  I definitely need to order more zippers since I am down to mostly dark colors now.  Already thinking of what I'm going to work on next when these are done.

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