Sunday, July 23, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday!

I don't have any pictures from yesterday so here's Tina lol

Scott got here this morning and "forgot" he was supposed to get us grandkid snacks to Instacart is on the way. Hopefully she can find my house. Watching her coming into the club. Oh now she's going the wrong way. Oh now she made it woohoo.

Just being lazy for a bit before I have to vacuum.

Yesterday Scott went with me to the post office. We got the packages inside in one trip. After we went to lunch at La Villa. It was missing some spice but the tacos were great at usual.

 I went to bed early last night and then didn't fall asleep forever because it was so freaking hot. Plus Trevor was watching something on the living room TV and it is so bright into my face. I'm starting to think about moving my bed onto a different wall. The only thing is we have wired in lights on either side of the bed so they will look funny if the bed isn't there.

My back upper hip area is hurting this morning. Probably going to take some ibuprofen in a minute. Ugh being old really sucks. 

Tomorrow I have to do laundry and pack for my trip on Tuesday! I am going to Colorado with my friend Sarah. Just two old gals haha. I haven't flown in a long time so we'll see how that goes. I made sure to pay a little extra so I don't have to change planes or make stops on the way. Not worth saving $20!  

Ok one more hour of laziness then I have to clean. Blech.
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