Saturday, July 29, 2023


Hello happy Saturday! Only mine could be a little better since I now have a stuffed and somehow also ab it runny nose. I took an Advil cold pill and feel a little bit better. What a nice souvenir I got eh? Here's a little cold to recover from your trip with.

So no birthday party at my brother's today. He is 42 today. I didn't want to go over there and get my parents and all the kids sick.

This morning was also the club garage sale. I did go around and do a bit of shopping. I got a new to me whicker set for my front porch for $15. It's not in the bestest condition but the couch part was good and that is the part I miss the most from my old one!  I also got a bag of very old fabric that had some crazy quilts started. There is news paper on the back so I will be able to see how old maybe. It's still out in the car though lol. 

So my trip! Last Tuesday I got to drive with Scott in commuter bumper to bumper traffic for 2 hours to the airport. Good God don't ever schedule that time again Julie. Just stupid. I was so glad to get out of the car. Bye see you later have fun at work. I can't believe he does that every day, I'd be a crazy person.

Breakfast at the airport. My mocha wasn't stirred like I thought it was so it was gross on the top and good  on the bottom lol. I just thought it was all gross at first.

The plane was packed and every seat taken. I had a window seat but it was right smack over the wing so I couldn't take any pictures. I realized half way through the 2 hour flight I could watch Are You There God for free while on the plane so I watched 1/2 of that.

When I got off the plane I went to the bathroom and by the time I figured out where the luggage when my suitcase was doing the round and round with hardly anyone there. Sheesh that was fast.  Got my bag and got picked up and away we went.

We drove up to Estes Park where our hotel was. Everything was so beautiful. 

This hotel is a little janky as the reviews say. I picked up about 6-8 AA batteries that were laying on the ground right outside our door when we got there and put them in the trash. I thought that was rather odd. The room was fine but the shower had a super low ceiling and had removable tiles. Creepy. Scott would not have been able to take a shower in there. We stayed there for 3 nights with no issues and the AC worked great so looks like we may have got lucky on that haha.

We went to an early dinner after we got there and there were elk just chillin there eating grass. So crazy. 

They didn't give a care about us at all. Definitely used to people. Look at the river (thinking it has to be a river and not creek by how fast it was moving) that runs along the main road. 

We had dinner at Ed's Cantina & Grill . It was ok but definitely white people Mexican food lol. I had to put some salsa on my tacos to give them some flavor.

After dinner we went back to the room where Sarah taught me a new trick on curtains lol.

TaDa! Almost fixed lol. Sarah put the AC on frost bite and we hung out and fell asleep earlier than I have in years haha.

More about my trip tomorrow! 

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