Tuesday, July 25, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I am writing this Monday night since I have to get up early to for Scott to drive me to San Jose for my flight. I have a little bit later flight but "traffic" means we leave early.

Debating on taking my laptop or not. Leaning towards not so you probably won't hear from me until Friday or Saturday. 

I saw this on my way to town today. True Crime listener/watcher and you know what goes through my mind. 

I still need to pack my suit case. I got most of my clothes washed.
Lucy says oh this stuff? Let me make sure to get some hair on it. 

I took my sewing machine to the shop to get fixed up. Hopefully it only cost the $89 service fee and doesn't skip stitches when I get it back.

I took Rusty to the vet. Poor guy. They said probably just a skin infection. He got tested for heart worm so we could get some fancy flea meds. It was negative so that was good.  He was all excited until I opened the vet door and then he was like DA FK NO! At least they had a little couch seat he could sit with me. 

I'll make these pictures small since they are gross. This is what it looked like Sunday when we found it. It's like blistery. 

This morning it was crusty

Poor guy they shaved his back and there were 2 more than what we could see before. So he got that treated, antibiotics, Capstar, a shot for itching and then another 6 months of oral flea meds. If that stuff doesn't work then I'm going to change his food. I had to change his food awhile back because they just stopped making it. 

Between my town trip and the vet trip I took a little nap. Simon loves me.

Tubz helping with the laundry

I guess I should go finish packing! I'm tired already so I'll probably go to bed early! Hopefully I'll be in Denver by 1:30pm!


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