Friday, July 7, 2023


Hello Happy FriYeah!

Yesterday I finally broke out my Christmas present that Scott got me. My new serger. It was so packed into the box it was hard to get it out. 

I decided to make a little romper for Rosie

with this cute vintage fabric

I finished it this morning except for the snaps. Those should be in the mail today. I need to get Trevor to go get it. After I got done I realized I did the button/button holes backwards. Whoops.

I also accidentally cut out view A along with view B so now I'm just going to make that one up.  They are almost the same but A doesn't have elastic on the legs. 

I almost didn't go to my friends for swim day because I was having UTI pain. UGH! I got some AVO at the store along with the ice I had to pick up. That helped a ton. 

Today I took my "sample" to the lab since I forgot to do it before 4 yesterday and then decided since I was in town to just go to Urgent Care. SURPRISE I have a UTI. The Dr prescribed me a different medicine. I went and dropped that off at Walgreens 4 minutes before they closed for lunch. Seriously that place is closed more than it is open. So now I have to go back after work to pick it up. 

I have darts tonight too. Hopefully I stay with minimal pain today. I will be so happy to have NO PAIN since I've had some for a full week now in one form or another. Curious to see what my "sample" results are too. Probably be like "she's fat". That's what most results come down to haha. 

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