Monday, July 3, 2023


Hello happy I have the day off Monday! I actually am only working 2 Mondays in July. I like it! 

I had no plans for today but then got reminded that we have Bunco tonight. I am going to make the enchilada recipe I had shopped for and take that. I ordered a couple things off Instacart this morning so I can make a mac salad for tomorrow and they have updated their addresses and mine won't come up right. Great! If I try to just use my location it brings up some street like 10 miles away. WTF. So hopefully they can find my house. I think I am going to just cancel my subscription again. I keep cancelling it then I want to use it here and there so I rejoin to save a few dollars and then I pay for like 3 months and barely use it lol.

I watched the kids yesterday! Scott actually vacuumed without me asking when I went in to clean so that was nice. I didn't point out all the places he missed either ;)

Wreck Ralph Saves The Internet is a bit scary. He was hiding behind me lol.

This is what Scott does for almost the entire time every time he comes to the house. I told him he could take the recliner to his moms so he could sleep there but he won't lol. He'll wake up and be like man I keep falling asleep and I'm like hey maybe you should do something besides sit in the chair? Might work to stay awake maybe? He did play with the kids a bit between naps.

I made taco pizza for dinner. It wasn't as good as it usually is. It was kind of gross actually. Scott said it was good though so I guess it was just me. I did use ground beef instead of ground turkey like I used to do too so maybe that was part of it. IDK. 

Rosie thought it was fine too. Daniel didn't touch it and had about 200 Otter Pops instead.

Check out my high point score on Words with Friends! 140 points! That might be a new high for me.

It's another hot day today but ONLY 101 today. Looks like one more over 100 day tomorrow then back down to the 90's. 

Tomorrow's plan is to go to my brother's house. I don't think any of the kids are coming so that's sad but should still be fun!


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