Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another day another donut

I was too exhausted last night to post so I'll do it this morning while I drink my Starbucks and eat my apple fritter. WHY do the things that are so bad taste so good?? Anyways..

So yesterday was Melissa's "real" birthday. We didn't do anything too exciting but we went to the mall so she could spend her Target gift cards and get Jessica a new pair of pants since she ripped her favorite ones at Power Tumbling. Melissa got some Bratz something or other that is going to require me reading the directions so she can hook it up to the computer. Hopefully I can get it to work. Jessica got ONE pair of pants from Hot Topic to replace her favorites (she got the same ones she had before). Then she spend the rest of the time at the mall brooding because she hates her thighs. Welcome to womanhood. Trevor was so wound up by the time we left the mall and went over to Applebees to wait for Scott I ordered myself a nice MUCHO Strawberry Mojito. YUM! After that kicked in I was feeling much better lol. I got Scott talked into going to the grocery store to get stuff for the girls' lunch. After he got home Jessica and I (and the dog Tabbie) went for a walk around the lake. We had a nice time visiting while we were walking which was really nice since you never know with her if she is going to hate your guts and you might be annoying her by breathing wrong ;o) Sheesh my thighs were killing me by the time we got back home. I read about a chapter in my book and was out like a light!Pin It


Kitt said...

I need a mojito just reading about your busy day!

But a lake walk sounds nice.

African Kelli said...

Fun day! I love it when I fall asleep reading.
Do you have any issues with those Bratz dolls?

Julie H said...

Bratz dolls. I know some people think they are "bad". I really don't think my daughter looks beyond the "doll" part of it. I just don't like picking them up off the floor ;o)

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