Saturday, April 5, 2008

busy busy busy!

Just got done making Melissa's "favors" for her bday party tomorrow. I made candy wrappers for Hershey bars. They turned out pretty cute I think.


Didn't take me too long to make them.

Jessica's team lost their game AGAIN today. BUT it was only by one run! Not too bad. I had to go in the snack bar and find out when their team was supposed to work in there since the coach is a moron and doesn't realize if no one works in there the game is forfeited. I went around and told the other moms that I talk to so hopefully some people will show up to work.

Melissa's team won today. I was sitting in between their 2 games so I could kind of watch both. They both played really well today.

We are going to go to dinner at my friend Carolyn's house. The girls went home with them after the game. We bought some tri-tip and have some chicken that we are going to take over there for dinner since they supplied the meat last time. We have 10 people between us so that can get expensive!Pin It

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Barb said...

Julie ~ those wrappers are great. I would have never thought of making them myself. Would love to know how you did it (stamps?)

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