Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Is it Friday yet? I need a break ;O)

Did the usual boring work today, yeah can't wait to do it again tomorrow. NOT!

Jessica's softball coaches are such freaking idots I wish there was some way she could be put on another team. On Saturday I went and looked up when they were supposed to work in the snack bar and told some of the other parents. Well it was today. The coach never told anyone anything. I took Trevor to Scott's Mom's house so I wouldn't have to worry about him just in case I had to work in the snack bar. So I got there and told the coach, you know, we have to work the snack bar today. He said yeah. I said well I'll go work it but we are going to need some other people to work too. So he says his wife will work, so I go tell her. She eventually goes over the snack bar and I told her the main gal said we need one more person. So she says ok, I'll go get someone, I'm not abandoning you I'll be right back. Well the bitch never came back??? WTH??? That just really pisses me off. So I was the only one working for our team. Some other girl came in, not even sure why she was there so it was her and I and then the gal that runs the whole thing that usually doesn't stay in there kept coming back to check on us. I think I'm going to tell the coach a reminder of his other day the team has to work and tell him I will not work it. Usually I wouldn't mind and it is kind of fun but this guy has his head so far up his ass he doesn't even know what's going on. Their team ended up losing again today anyways. So far they have won NO games. When we left there was a big group over talking to the coaches. I guess he kept one girl on the bench for the whole game except for batting. NICE. It's not like she's going to make them lose either, I mean really, they haven't won AT ALL. Not that winning is everything, but I paid $120 for my daughter to play softball, I hope she doesn't come out of this year hating softball all together because of this guy!Pin It

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