Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back to the Library!

I just finished reading ?this book. OMG it was soo rivoting! I'm not going to say it was "the best" book but it was very very interesting. My daughter had told me kind of what the ending was before I read it so I wasn't suprised by the ending but still! To have to make those kind of choices, I hope and pray I never have to. Now I'm out of library books, guess I'll have to go by there tomorrow.

So today Jessica had 2 guys asking her to go out with them! UGH, in a way I'm excited for her and in a way I wish they would go away :O) This is going to open up a whole new chapter for her. I must be old because it seems like just yesterday I in 8th grade, at a party and had my first kiss! They were playing songs by Tiffany of all things lol. Remember her?? She was SOO popular, for about a minute! Wonder whatever happened to her. OOooo I found her lol, gotta love the internet! Wow she posed nude for Playboy. Guess just about everyone has now ehPin It


African Kelli said...

Wasn't the ending of that book crazy?

KatBouska said...

Hi, I just found your blog via babies, barbies and boys and I read that book recently too. SOooo good!!

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