Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another exciting day on the softball field!

Jessica had another softball game yesterday. They lost. Again. Jessica played catcher for all but one inning, she is getting really good at it! She was getting so mad that they were losing yet again yesterday that she started basically running people down and getting them out when they were anywhere near home plate. I feel really bad for her that she got on such a sucky team this year but maybe it's helping her build some character. After all, we can't always be on the winning team.

While we were at the game yesterday I "almost" caught a parakeet that was flying around! How cool would that have been. Of course I probably would have just taken it over to my dad's house since they are the bird people and have an avery. When I was a kid they had the neatest avery in the old house that they rented. It was out in the country and really was kind of a crap house so they got away with doing things to it. Anyhow, it had a back porch and then on the other side of the porch was a shed. My dad built an avery in the space between there and part of it went outside too. They had tons of zebra finches. When they bought their house in town they ended up losing quite a few of them when they were trying to move them. Some how for many years they didn't have any finches at all. A year or so ago my step mom got 2 and now she has an avery full again! If I didn't have cats (which will probably never happen) I might think about getting a bird, but they are rather messy!

I was pretty proud of us last night because we didn't give in to fast food and went home and cooked again. We had spaghetti for dinner. I think I'm starting to get used to eating dinner at 8:00. Which really isn't a good thing since I went to bed at 9! I was trying to read my book (yes I'm still on N for Noose) but kept dozing off so I gave up.Pin It

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Barb said...

Julie ~ In my "dream" house there would be an aviary of sorts with a water element and lots of plants and a bench to sit and take it all in. Of course, I'd have to pay someone else to keep it all "working" cause I can kill any plant on the planet ~ but I do love birds.
BTW ~ have you tried the Yo yo makers by Clover? They come in a bunch of sizes and a few shapes. Makes yo yo's really quick and very uniform!

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